Founder and Director
Wissam Daou has been an entrepreneur and a university Laboratory Instructor since 2002. His fields of experience span from basic design and manufacturing processes to design and installation of HVAC and renewable energy systems. In addition, to having a keen vision on potential market growth and ability to foresee economical changes and venture into new and daring projects.

As an entrepreneur, Wissam has founded three companies: Expert Aluminum, InventLEB and Dawtec. Expert aluminum was acquired, InventLEB is currently seeking investors, and Dawtec has been operating since 2003 and was announced to be a market leader in 2011 by the Ministry of Water and Energy at the Beirut Energy Forum 2012. Wissam has developed a proven record of leadership skills. In addition, to engineering and technical skills. He is now the head of an R&D team which has to date, realized and patented two products one of which is the "Pergola" solar system, a green innovation award winner.
As a university laboratory instructor, Wissam has developed new experiments for existing courses and assisted in developing new lab courses in the department of Mechancial Engineering. In addition to assisting students with designing and implementing remarkable projects among which are several award wining projects.

Wissam has been involved since five years with LSES and is currently preparing to establishing a new association to further support the utilization of renewable energy technologies in Lebanon.Wissam has lectured on renewable energy systems, designs, and implementation in a significant number of events and conferences. Wissam with a B.E. degree in mechanical engineering is currently pursuing a masters degree in business management and finds it very empowering to having multidisciplinary positions in his career.

Ms. Iynas Akraa
Thermal Department Manager
B.B.A. Finance / M.B.A.
Ms. Sandra Aoun
Electrical Department Manager
B.E. Computer and Communication

Sales and Pre-Sales
Mr. Farid Rahme
Sales Consultant
B.B.A. Marketing
Mr. Joe Feghali
Outdoor Sales Representative
B.B.A. Marketing

Mr. Mario Lahoud
Site Engineer
B.E. Mechanical
Mr. Gaby Majdalani
Trainee - Summer 2013
B.E. Mechanical
Mr. Rashad Amhaz
Mr. Azar Malak
Mr. Juan Malak

Ms. Lorna Pacio
T.S. Accounting

International Business Development
Dr. Eng. Amir Daou
International Business Developer
PhD Mass Energy Storage

Customs Clearing
Mr. Jacques Hoyek
Transportation and Customs Clearing Agent

Legal Office
Mr. Charbel Feghali
Legal Representative
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