How we began
In 2002, fresh graduate engineer Wissam Daou took the initiative to transform his passion towards renewable energy and environmental issues to a small business. Having no capital to invest, no assets to use or build on, weaponed by sheer determination and some experience in sales, Wissam Daou decided to launch Dawtec with one single product: Solar Water Heater. Although it was difficult to start from zero, nevertheless, the support of family, friends, and some university professors was the biggest asset and the corner stone. From there, Dawtec was born and functioned for 6 months from one single office at its current location in Beirut.
Where we are now
Within just a few years, we've grown into a staff of 15, responsible for an installation network for residential and commercial water heating and power generation systems by solar energy, wind energy, and heat recovery systems. We have two physical walk-in store, a warehouse and a manufacturing facility in Lebanon. The head office is located in Furn El Chebbak, Tahwita Highway. Our Renewable Energy Center is located on Damour Highway. In addition to these main locations, Dawtec established different retailers that are considered to be our business partners throughout Lebanon.
Our Mission
Rapidly expanding, our mission is to be a global leader in renewable energy and to increase our involvement in educating and supporting the community on topics relating to renewable energy, sustainability and other environmental issues. Adopting the permissive management style with emphasis on team work, client satisfaction principle, and above all, joining efforts with all active parties concerned with environmental issues, we aim to serve you best.
Meet the team
We're very proud of the people who power our company and are genuinely passionate about green living and renewable energy. The team consists of six certified technicians, one technical manager, one accountant, one site engineer, two sales engineers, one sales manager, one procurement manager, one assistant manager, and a general manager. All members of the team continuously attend training courses in their respective fields in order to get acquainted with newest technologies, acquire new and refine old skills to professionally serve all stakeholders in a better way.
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